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My belief is that you are the expert in your line of business. What I do is listen and engage in a focused and structured dialogue where all viewpoints converge to help you find the answers.

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Based on my combined professional and academic experience, my key strength is turning fragmented ideas and plans into a coherent strategy that your people will actually execute.

In the face of change and complexity, the value of a strategic plan lays in how much can be applied from it in daily business. Once it's concrete, it's also understood and adopted, so it drives your business forward. My goal is to help you experience this reward.

Strategy Consulting

Strategy consulting is a highly respected, but also deeply detested job. With the right approach it shifts from being purely analytical to practical, in order to live up to its promise.

The Strategy Handbook

Strategy generation requires creativity, interaction, and value creation. Strategy execution is rather complex, but there's a process in place to overcome the complexity.

No More Bananas

In the age of information overload, certainties fade. In our quest for assurance and support, we can break the vicious stress-cycle by staying true to ourselves and grounded.

Books of Jeroen Kraaijenbrink
"Jeroen is a full professional on strategic matters. He enjoys the strategic journey, the challenges it includes and he’s willing to find real-life solutions."

Gokhan Demir, CFO

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We shape strategy in its most practical form. By being specific, we break down complexity into  manageable actions.


Strategy requires clarity. Therefore, we invest a lot in understanding the context, to be accurate in our decision-making.

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We have open conversations to ensure continuity and commitment. By involving the right people, participation becomes the norm.


We tailor the strategic approach to transform your unique situation. I commit to the process until things work as they should.

Get your people engaged to execute the strategy they helped creating.