The One-Hours Strategy book

This is a tale about strategy done differently. A tale about you and your organization. Including all levels, all departments, everyone that should be involved in the strategy-making process.

This book isn’t fancy, model-rich, or acronym-ridden; it’s dedicated to the practical factors of how to make a strategy work!

“Having read quite a few strategy books, I can definitely say that this book is different. Kraaijenbrink’s One-Hour Strategy takes strategy out of the stratosphere of the boardroom and brings it down to earth, putting it in the hands of the managers and employees who have to do the actual work.”

Rutger Milders, Human Resources Director at AkzoNobel

The One-Hour Strategy inside look
Chapters include:

The One-Hour Strategy follows Martin, the new sales team lead at Water & Flows, which attracted him because of their unique way of doing strategy. We shadow Martin as he onboards with his new colleagues, who walk him through each aspect of their One-Hour Strategy, answering his questions and addressing his reservations.

As you read this book, you will reflect upon every facet of strategy with a set of “what is” and “what if ” questions that are included after every chapter. The “what is” questions invite you to evaluate how strategy is currently done at your organization.
The "what if" questions invite you to think about how things could be done differently when adopting the One-Hour Strategy.

“The One-Hour Strategy is an enjoyable read, challenging the necessity of omnipresent, oversophisticated strategy frameworks. Kraaijenbrink guides readers toward a simple and embracing approach, in which strategy becomes an integral part of people’s actual work. Highly recommended.”

Holger Feist, Chief Strategy Officer at Messe Münche

Downloadable Resources & Tools
Strategy Sketch

Every chapter contains a list of What If and What Is questions that help you evaluate your strategy. This resource pack contains all questions.

Organizational Map

The Six M's and the 6M model will help you nail down the elements of concrete strategy. A printable 6M model is included in this resource pack.

Organizational Map

Every takeaway in the book has a reason why it works. Both the takeaways and reason are conviently compiled in this resource pack.

“Vivid and engaging, this book is full of provocative takeaways. My favorite is takeaway 2: ‘Make strategy part of everyone’s job.’ Now that is something to think about!”

Richard Whittington, Professor of Strategic Management at the University of Oxford and Co-author of Exploring Strategy

Portrait photo of Jeroen Kraaijenbrink
About the Author

JEROEN KRAAIJENBRINK is an accomplished strategy educator, speaker, writer, and consultant with over two decades of experience, extending from academia through modern business and industry. He empowers people and organizations to discover, formulate, and execute their future plans by providing innovative tools for forward-thinking strategy.

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“A convincing plea to make everyone in the organization think about strategy regularly, with the frequency increasing with the hierarchical level. Jeroen Kraaijenbrink packages his original message in the form of a smoothly written novel. Not only is his newest book easy to read, but because of its many valuable takeaways and reflection questions, it is also excellent for application in daily practice.”

Marc G. Baaij, associate professor of strategic management at Rotterdam School of Management and author of An Introduction to Management Consultancy

The One-Hour Strategy book is a tale about strategy done differently.