The Strategy Handbook

The time has come to demystify the stigmas that have traditionally plagued institutionalized strategy, and in a down-to-earth manner, unpack the value-added learnings from MBA programs and scholarly textbooks to achieve obtainable results that actually you.

development of strategy

You are given the resources and tools to generate a strategy that fit you and your organization.

implementation of strategy

After generating your strategy, you will learn how to execute your strategy at different levels of your organization.

access to case studies

Numerous and relevant case studies are included to help you contextualize the new tools and resources you have learned.

secret to strategy

Ultimately, you will finally receive the secret sauce for making your strategy come to fruition.

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About the Author

I am Jeroen Kraaijenbrink and I have been consulting and mentoring CEOs and leaders in strategy affairs for over 10 years.

With my 20+ years venture as an academic in strategy and management theory, I've consulted and mentored many organizations with great success, been featured on TV, write for Forbes and more.

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Downloadable Resources & Tools
Strategy Sketch

Strategy Sketch

The Strategy Sketch is a visual strategy generation tool covering on a single sheet of paper the key elements that you need to work on when generating your strategy.

Organizational Map

Organizational Map

The Organizational Map shows you on a single sheet of paper which aspects of your organization need attention to successfully execute your strategy.


The Strategy Handbook will help you discover the secret sauce into bringing your strategy to reality.