Man writing on the Strategy Sketch

The Strategy Sketch

The Strategy Sketch is a strategy generation tool that aids in determining the next best step for your organization.

"The Strategy Sketch is a key framework that I work to integrate into each strategy I develop within my role. It is the ideal approach to tactfully answer each aspect that makes a strategy come to life successfully, rooted in the value proposition for the consumer and the company."

Danielle Weiss, Global Director Digital Experiences at Nike

Generating a great, sustainable strategy is a complex and abstract challenge. The answer to this challenge is an actionable canvas that puts your whole organization in perspective.

The purpose of this 15-page whitepaper is to help you simplify the strategy generation process by starting at the most important and concrete point: your current strategy.

What you get from this whitepaper:
  • A printable Strategy Sketch to fill in during meetings
  • A concrete step-by-step plan for how to use the Sketch
  • Guiding questions for each element of the Sketch
  • A simple way to make abstract strategy concrete