How It's Done with Jeroen Kraaijenbrink Strategy Consultancy

Develop a more strategy-aware and able team through learning-by-doing.

Analysis of current state

To build on existing company knowledge, we start with gathering key information from existing documents and define your context through interviews and collaborative sessions with mixed teams.

plusData inventory

plusExpert review

plusWorkshops & interviews

Synthesis and strategy outline

By reviewing all notes, observations and data from our analysis, we develop ideas and choose best scenarios to lay out a plan that will be refined and referred to at later stages.

plusData analysis


plusStrategy definition

Development of action plan

Once the high level plan is agreed upon through feedback by a smaller management team, we translate the strategy in tasks and directions for specific teams to bridge present and future.

plusConcept testing

plusDecisions outline

plusRoadmap planning

Monitoring of execution

Finally, I guide you through strategy execution with advice and project mentoring. Together, we make sure the plan stays relevant and up to date in the face of change.

plusSupport & direction

plusAdoption analysis

plusImprovement plan

Strategic session

You envision your company's future, but need a clear strategic plan for everybody involved.

You want to get your people engaged and on the same page, but haven't achieved that so far.

You have a strategy which you've put effort into, but it doesn't seem to show results.

How do I know hiring you will help my company?

A clear and distinctive strategy is the foundation of every company's success. My approach is strongly focused on translating strategy from a high-level vision to specific actions for business units. I have a strong commitment to tailoring the strategy and guiding it into execution until it gains traction.

How long will it take to see results?

We go through a series of well-defined steps and sessions. It typically takes 3 to 6 months until the main strategic direction unfolds in sufficient detail and your people adopt it in their mindset. After this, we spend the remaining time on finetuning your strategy together and putting things in motion.

Do I qualify?

I work with ambitious executives of mid-sized companies that are serious about taking their organization to the next level. Together, we decide whether we have matching values and whether or not my services will be the best way to help you forward.

What's included and how many sessions do we have?

You will receive an action-oriented written strategic plan and strategic guidance in the first part of the roll out. To develop the plan, we work closely in a series of 5 to 10 sessions with individuals or teams, spread over a period of 3 to 4 months. Consulting includes me laying out the strategy based on the analysis. A few additional sessions are dedicated to the months after launch.

Who needs to participate?

The management board will always be involved in strategy development, but the degree of explicit direction they give depends on your style of leadership. I advise involving employees from all levels of the organization so that they contribute with first-hand insights and stay involved throughout strategy execution. We decide together which people you bring into the conversation.

Do you work remotely or on-site?

It can range from fully remote to fully on-site. We'll generally do remotely what can be done remotely, and on-site what must be done on-site.

Do you tailor your consulting work?

Yes, because I believe that strategy is all about leveraging what's unique about a company. I care about details, about the specific process people from all levels of the organization go through, and about defining things as concretely as possible. Good solutions come from co-creation and not from mirroring theories at top-level.

What do you charge for your work?

To avoid any surprises, we set a fixed price upfront based on how extensive your request is and on what exact process we agree on. The fee can be paid monthly, or at once at a 10% reduction. No extra fees will apply unless we update our agreement with mutual consent.

Can I also just hire you?

Not in the traditional sense but I do long term monthly consulting and mentoring for a fixed quarterly or annual fee to support executives in their strategic leadership. We can schedule a call to go over the details.

How do I pronounce your name?

Jeroen is pronounced like /jəˈrun/
Hyphenation: Yuh‧roon

Kraaijenbrink is pronounced like /ˈkraːi̯.ə(n)bɹɪŋk / Hyphenation: Kraai‧yen‧bringk

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Release date: October 16, 2021

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Strategy session

De Jong & Laan had been very entrepreneurial in its leadership, but employees had been asking for direction and about the future of the company for many years. With its newly installed board of directors, it seemed to be the perfect time to start envisioning a coherent and focused strategy.

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Develop a more strategy-aware and able team through learning-by-doing.