Jeroen Kraaijenbrink explaining the Strategy Sketch

Embed your strategy systematically in your company’s cycles and processes.

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How to align your strategy in three simple steps

The big question remains how to realize alignment in practice. As it turns out, this can be done in three straightforward steps.

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Leaders and CEOs get the blame for failure in strategy, but is this fair?

In most organizations it is leaders who are responsible for strategy creation, thus also responsible for failure.

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A nine-step approach for effective leadership during (and after) crisis

These steps are mostly targeted at creating long-term structural changes in your mindset and behavior.

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The Strategy Handbook

The time has come to demystify the stigmas that have traditionally plagued institutionalized strategy, and in a down-to-earth manner, unpack the value-added learnings from MBA programs and scholarly textbooks to achieve obtainable results that actually you.

In this granular guide, you will be empowered to generate and execute business strategies through the user-friendly charts, graphs, case studies, and learnings of others.  

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Unlearning Strategy

The approach and tools for making strategy have remained remarkably unchanged over the past half century. This is a problem. Because the world has changed—and quite dramatically. A key reason for this lack of change is that the strategy field has clung to a set of myths about strategy that are so strong and convincing that they persist, no matter what.

In this compact book, Jeroen Kraaijenbrink takes you along the ten most persistent myths of strategy. By breaking these myths one by one, this book questions your taken-for-granted ideas about strategy.

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Strategy Consulting

Strategy consulting is one of the most highly respected and at the same time deeply detested jobs on this planet. Despite all the attention and controversy, though, there is surprisingly little written about it specifically.

To address this void, this book provides a comprehensive overview of this fascinating profession. Relying on existing research, it describes what strategy consulting is, where it comes from, how to effectively practice it and where to take it into the future.

cover of No More Bananas

No More Bananas

In this age of fake news, individualism and information overload, the certainties we relied on in the past are gone. We look to other for guidance, but our peers are unsettled too. We are stuck in a vicious stress-cycle, and we turn bananas.

In this amiable, and open book, you will be led on a journey out of Bananaland. Drawing from a range of sources, the book offers a nine-step approach with some remarkably practical advice for keeping a cool head in the collective lunacy. 

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How the Strategy Sketch works

Generating a great, sustainable strategy is a complex and abstract challenge. The answer to this challenge is an actionable canvas that puts your whole organization in perspective.

The Strategy Sketch, a strategy generation tool containing 10 elements, encapsulates everything you need in order to build a strategy plan.

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Strategy Sketch

A strategy generation tool that aids in determining the next best step for your organization.

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Strategy Manifesto

A testament on what Strategy should stand for and how it should be moving forwards.

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1-Minute Strategy Checklist

A checklist that intends to evaluate your strategy’s strengths and weaknesses in one minute.

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Embed your strategy systematically in your company’s cycles and processes.